Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24, 2012: Universal Prayer

In your universal prayers tonight, please do not forget:

the homeless and the destitute, 
the sick, the invalid and the victims of accidents,
the poor and the famished;
those who suffer in their flesh or battle with their spirit,
those whose souls have left us and those who mourn them,
those whose soul struggles with pain and lack of love, 
those who thirst after justice and liberty,
the victims of war, civil war, rape, ethnic cleansing, domestic violence, emotional/psychological or physical/sexual abuse; 
those who give their life to help humanity, 
the doctors, the nurses, and the caretakers,
the educators, the comforters and the peacemakers;
the victims of modern slavery,
the victims of political dissent,
the political prisoners, especially in Iran;
the children of Syria and of the Middle East;
the children of Africa, especially those in Mali, the Congo and Somalia;
the children of Asia, especially in Tibet, and the children of Central Asia, especially in Afghanistan;
the children of Europe, especially those who suffer first and foremost the consequences of the economic crisis in Greece;
the children of Russia, especially those who suffer from Putin's yoke;
the children of America, and especially those from Aurora, Co; Newton, Ct; Southeast and Northeast DC; South Side, Chicago;
those who suffer from the effects of climate change.

And if I have forgotten anyone, please add them in a comment under this post and add them to your prayers too.